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Maintain your dentures as your face changes, and keep smiling brightly for longer! Easy, affordable denture relines are the solution to keeping your dentures in tip-top shape, feeling comfortable and ready to smile.


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As your dentures age, you may need to adjust them with a bit of maintenance, like any piece of equipment. A denture reline is when a technician will add material to the inner plate closest to your gums to adjust to the natural changes that occur as we age. The new material aligns with the changes to the soft and hard tissue of your gums and mouth for a more comfortable fit, and we can also use this process to fill in any gaps or broken parts in the dentures themselves. This denture realignment lets you continue wearing your existing dentures for longer without having to replace them entirely.

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Frequently Asked Questions

You’ve probably got questions so we thought we would answer a few common questions posed by our customers.

Sometimes, as our faces grow and change, especially in older age – our dentures can start feeling like they don’t belong in our face. It can happen, and it is a relatively easy fix. Realignment, refitting or replacing the dentures with entirely new ones can make a huge difference to your comfort by wearing the right dentures. 

Depending on how well you look after your dentures, the dentures themselves can last in great condition for several years. With natural wear and tear, shrinking bones, face shape changes and other factors, a denture reline’s lifespan can vary case by case.  

Yes. When your dentures are relined, there may be a period of getting used to your new teeth, and that could mean some eating habits change or what hard foods you are able to bite straight into.

You may feel some discomfort as you get used to wearing your newly relined dentures, but there should not be any severe pain. If you feel like something is not right, ring and book an adjustment appointment with your dental technician.

Always follow the specific instructions your dentist and Michael, your Dental Technician, gives you to take care of your set of dentures, but generally, the following rules apply:

  • Brush your dentures daily with proper denture cleaners like polident. Always wash your hands before handling your dentures to avoid infections.
  • Be gentle with your dentures, even when cleaning them, to avoid breaking them. When cleaning, ensure you clean them over a sink filled with water so that if you accidentally drop them, they will land in the water and not in the sink or floor; this reduces the chance of breaking your dentures.
  • Keep them stored in a container that you use only for your dentures. to avoid germs.
  • Always wash your hands before handling your dentures to avoid infections.
  • Use a warm saltwater mixture to wash your mouth out once you have removed your dentures.
  • Until you are told otherwise by your technician or dentist, clean your dentures under cold water and with your denture brush only. Do not use soap, toothpaste or anything else unless recommended to. We recommend you use a quality denture cleanser.

To make sure you can keep smiling for longer and eating healthily without discomfort – it’s essential to keep a few things in mind! 

  • Always look after your dentures as per the given instructions for a long-lasting set of dentures.
  • Keep an eye on your jaw for any changes of shape or realignment so that the changes can be addressed and refitted if possible. 
  • Take note of discomfort if it continues; ring and book an adjustment appointment with your dental technician. 

If you ever have any concerns about your dentures, get in touch with Michael today.

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