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An immediate denture is a denture that is fitted immediately after you have your natural teeth taken out in the same procedure. Immediate dentures are false teeth that act as a temporary solution, so you don’t have to appear in public with no teeth while you wait for your mouth to heal from the teeth extraction. Once ready, the immediate dentures are replaced by your permanent dentures. 

We offer immediate dentures as partial dentures or a full denture set. Immediate dentures are hugely popular in NZ and the world over – bringing confidence back to smiles everywhere!


"The Dentures Tauranga Immediate Dentures Process"


You get a free consultation with our experienced West-Auckland Dental Technician, Michael van Vliet. During this consultation, your options are discussed, pricing is quoted, and the procedure and its steps are explained to you. 


When you choose to go ahead with full immediate dentures, we will take impressions of your teeth with a harmless putty. These impressions make identical moulds of your teeth, so we can then make your immediate dentures. This process takes about two weeks to manufacture a high-quality full set of immediate dentures. 


You take your brand new dentures with you to a dentist, where your teeth will be extracted and replaced with your custom immediate dentures. This can be your own dentist, or we can refer to a dentist we trust for you to go to.


We prebook the following aftercare appointments for your immediate dentures so that we see you:

  • In the first week post-extraction
  • Then in the 1st, 3rd and 6th-month post teeth extraction.

During these aftercare appointments, we will be completing temporary relines when necessary to look after the fit of your immediate dentures. As your new dentures may shift as your gums heal and shrink, and the final result may not be seen for 8-12 months. Your patience is key!


Once your gums have finished the healing and shrinking process, your immediate dentures will need to be permanently refitted (relined), or a new denture made to match your healed gums. New dentures being made is the preferred option as this gives you a backup set of dentures in case something happens to your first set, such as getting lost or damaged. 

Are you ready to smile with confidence?

Book your free consultation and find out your immediate denture options today! 

Frequently Asked Questions

You’ve probably got questions so we thought we would answer a few common questions posed by our customers.

As getting immediate dentures is a surgical procedure that includes prosthetic teeth, there is always a slight risk of inflammation and pain of the gums, swelling, infection and sometimes prolonged bleeding. You may also notice odd or unpleasant odours and tastes; this is normal – this is the healing process of your gums, and you can wash your mouth out with salty water to help the healing process along. All of these symptoms are treatable and will be discussed with you before you decide to opt for immediate dentures. 

Immediate Dentures are designed to be replaced by permanent dentures once your mouth has healed from the extraction process – so you can expect to wear immediate dentures for about 8-12 months. 

Yes, but as your gums heal, you will want to start off with soft and liquid foods – just like with any tooth extraction surgery. Your gums will be very sensitive, so plan a soft food diet for the first ten days post-surgery or for as long as you feel necessary. Bananas, pasta, fruit smoothies, eggs, mashed potatoes and soup are all great choices for your temporary soft diet. 

Yes. Immediate dentures are not natural teeth and will take some getting used to. It is possible you may need to adapt your eating habits to suit your new teeth, so expect some frustration as you find your new habits to accommodate your beautiful new smile. 

Always follow the specific instructions your dentist and Michael give you to take care of your set of immediate dentures, but generally, the following rules apply:

  • Always wash your hands before handling your dentures to avoid infections.
  • Use a warm saltwater mixture to wash your mouth out once you have removed your dentures.
  • Until you are told otherwise by your technician or dentist, clean your dentures under cold water and with your denture brush only. Do not use soap, toothpaste or anything else unless recommended to. We recommend you use a quality denture cleanser.

To make sure you can keep smiling for longer, eating healthily without discomfort and enjoying your dentures – it’s important to keep a few things in mind! 

  • Always look after your dentures as per the given instructions for a long-lasting set of dentures.
  • Keep an eye on your jaw for any changes of shape or realignment so that the changes can be addressed and refitted if possible, charges may apply.
  • Take note of discomfort and let your dental technician know.

If you ever have any concerns about your dentures, get in touch with Michael today here.

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